Number of Applications Dropped for JEE Mains

Number of Applications Dropped for JEE Mains

This year the aspirants sitting for JEE Mains exam may face less completion as the number of applicants has reduced to 11, 48,000, which is far more less than the previous year numbers. CBSE, the nodal body to conduct the exam has confirmed to the reports.

This declining trend has been emerged since four years. Less number of students registers themselves for the prestigious exam. Here are few facts about the number of applications received in recent years:

Year No. of Registrations
2014 13,56,000
2015 13,04,217
2016 12,07,257
2017 11,98,989
2018 11,48,000


This trend might be the result of the decision taken by All India Council for Technical Education or AICTE to shut down the colleges with less than 30% new admissions in past five years. The colleges having less than prescribed number of students will either be closed or merged with nearby colleges to improve the quality rather than quantity of technical education. A wise decision indeed.

This has impacted JEE Mains because it is one of the most sought after exam to get into the technical degree colleges and in the institutions of repute.

But this decline in number of application will not impact the decision of CBSE to close the registration window after the deadline and there is the least probability of extension of last date.