A day before exam – tips

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have done the diligent job while preparing for your exams. Despite hard work and all the efforts you have put into your preparation, you might be stressed on the day before your exam. I have seen many aspirants taking too much stress just before the exam and in quest of this they even spoiled their exam and all the true efforts. If you are on the same platform then you are reading the right post.

Let’s not go into the do’s and don’ts. I will tell you some simple hacks to reduce your stress level and perform well on next day.

First of all you should be clear that you are not going to turn this world upside down in one day if you haven’t done this in past few months. Second, the exam will be based on your accumulated knowledge which you have acquired by burning your midnight oil. Third, nothing will come in exam from the things you mugging up a day before exam.

While keeping in mind these three things, let’s plan a wonderful day which will refresh you altogether and energize you just before the exam.

  1. Wake up on time. Take a bath and have an awesome breakfast.
  2. Speak to your parents or loved ones, especially those who motivates you. Avoid talking to people who bring stress in your life, at least today. 
  3. Go for a movie or you can watch one of your favorite on your laptop or PC.
  4. Have healthy lunch. Take a good nap. 
  5. Revise the formulae or important concepts. Don’t pick up a pile of notes to revise, just few important things. Never start any new topic today as it will not going to take you anywhere. 
  6. In evening you can plan for a short outing. Avoid drinking or smoking. Just a visit to nearby calm and beautiful places. Don’t try to do anything adventurous today as it can put you in trouble. 
  7. Take a sound sleep as you are going to rock next day.

All the best!

Team PrepDoor


An Ideal Exam Routine


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Dear Aspirants!

Sometimes you might be surprised to see that a person comparatively more hardworking and with brilliant track is not able to achieve the desired result as an average student can.  How that average performing student made it possible? Answer lies in three key: smart exam routine, smart work and smart diet. We must accept that normal routine is different from exam routine. This time is quite delicate and a slight negligence can lead you to worst of the results. You should be careful while planning all your routine. We can help you in this with some suggestions:

  1. Food is First: Your food intake directly affects your memory and performance. So, before becoming anything, develop healthy eating habits. Take vitamin C, B12 and D etc. to enhance the capacity of your brain and nervous system. It will help you to cope up the ever increasing pressure and stress during exam days. Curtail the amount of junk food to almost zero.
  2. Time table: There is a myth among students that their time table should be tight and stringent. It’s not true. There is always a possibility of human errors. Suppose, due to some unavoidable circumstances you couldn’t follow the time table or a part of it. You might be double stressed if it is too stringent. Always keep a margin of time which can be used to compensate such situations. Keep it in such a way that you always get the time to revise what you have done throughout your day. It can be arranged in such a way:
  • Morning: 2 hour sitting>15 minutes break> 2 hour sitting>take a bath& breakfast> 2 hours sitting.
  • Noon: take a nap of 15 minutes> 2 hours sitting> 15 minutes break> 3 hours sitting> now you deserve a break and some recreation for 2 hours.
  • Evening:  Come back watch TV or anything you like for half an hour before dinner> have a healthy and light dinner> 4 hour stretch of revision.

3. Things you should avoid: There are certain things which you should not do during exam time. They can take you in deep trouble.

  • Avoid alcohol or smoking.
  • Don’t waste unnecessary time in social gathering for some time.
  • Don’t plan vacations or holidays as it can affect your studies.
  • Avoid stress. It’s difficult but you can try meditation tricks.
  • Don’t ignore practice papers, mock tests and revision.



Diet Plan - Prepdoor

Diet Plan During Exams

This world functions on the theory of survival of the fittest. If you are fittest among your competitors then you are in race or probably on the winning end. Exam is also like an ecosystem where each of us competes with each other in order to survive or win. In this competition only a healthy diet can keep us in race. Therefore, it’s essential to follow a healthy diet plan during exams. Your mind functions well if you take healthy food and it directly impacts your memory and moreover, good food is stress buster. Here are some tips which can help you in maintaining a good health.

Diet Plan - Prepdoor

  • Eat frequently in smaller quantity to get the energy throughout the day.
  • Avoid eating wheat or rice or take such items in small quantity rather go for oats, barley or brown rice as they are good sources of vitamin B and zinc.
  • You should curtail the quantity of junk food.
  • Increase the intake of fruits and juices. Don’t avoid leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.
  • Drink ample amount of water to remain hydrated and it also reduces anxiety.
  • Caffeinated beverages consumption should be in moderate quantity.
  • There are certain eatables which are memory booster. Vitamin A, E and C are antioxidants; they help in reducing the cell damage.
  • Vitamin B1 (rice bran, wheat germ, barley etc.), Vitamin B12 (lean meat, eggs and low fat milk) are good for the healthy functioning of the central nervous system and hence are memory boosters.
  • Folic acid should also be a part of your diet as it helps in clearing certain amino acids which causes decline in cognitive health.

These are some simple diet suggestions which will help you in remaining healthy and increase you efficiency. Exam is a major challenge but is should not supersede the health priorities.

All the best!

Team PrepDoor